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  Attention! All QSOs entered after Jan 1, 2010 will create a wrong date in the ADIF file. Please download the latest version 1.1!  
  Fast Log Entry (FLE) is a freeware program that creates ADIF files from manually entered QSO records. This is useful if you couldn't take a logging computer on your DXpedition etc. The idea was to make entering QSO data as easy and fast as possible. The principle is that only that data is entered that has changed from one QSO to the next.  
  Fast Log Entry consists of two main panels - a Text Editor with Syntax Highlighting and a QSO Data Grid. The grid shows the complete QSO records, they can be saved as ADIF file.  


  Click here to read a step-by-step introduction into Fast Log Entry.  


Filename   Size   Version   Description
fle_setup.exe   700 kB   1.1   FLE installation program (first installation and all updates)
  Click on the link above to start the download of the FLE installation program fle_setup.exe. Save the file in a temporary folder on your hard disk (for example in C:\temp). When the download is finished, double-click on the file fle_setup in your temporary folder to start the installation of FLE. Follow the instructions in the setup program.  
  Cezary, SP7UKL, has written a FLE manual in Polish language. Click here to download the the manual as PDF file. Thanks a lot Cezary.  
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