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Welcome to the Amateur Radio Web Site of Bernd, DF3CB

Most people come here for the QSL Label Software BV and other software:

Bernd is a very active DXer and contester. Pictures of the DF3CB radio station and antennas are shown here.

df3cb.com also hosts a couple of DXpedition web sites and other stuff, Articles in magazines and pictures. Enjoy!

  Bouvet 2016 by ON4WW - YES or NO, deadline for a donation confirmation end of January 2015
Mark, ON4WW: For those of you who would like to, and are able to contribute to the project upfront, pse send an e-mail to bouvet2016 ‘at’ telenet.be with the amount you intend to donate. Again, I do not want/need any money now, there is no PayPal account, it is just your funding intention I need to know at this point in time. The final total on my spreadsheet will tell me whether to go ahead or not. A final thought: 112k Euro out of 250k Euro right now is not enough to go ahead. See www.on4ww.be/bouvet2016.html and www.dx-world.net/bouvet-update-by-on4ww/
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