I used to participate a lot in most major contests but have retired a bit from contesting in the last years. But I still enjoy my favorite contest - the CQWW CW - either as Single Operator or Multi Single. And we operated the IARU HF Championship Contest for the HQ station DA0HQ from 2003 to 2013 (mostly 20m CW but 40m CW in 2006 and 2007). There are guests or friends from time to time operating the DF3CB station.

We have achieved several top scores in various contests and categories. I held the German CQWW CW Single Operator Allband Assisted record and took part in several contest DXpeditions, e.g. at LX8A, LX7A (European Multi/Multi CQWW Record Phone and CW in 1989) and CN8WW (CQWW World Record Multi/Multi Phone and CW).

But what is the key for successful contesting? Find the answer here!

DF3CB Contesting DF3CB Contesting
IARU HF Championship Contest 2009 DA0HQ 20m CW
Bernd, DF3CB (left) and Mario DJ2MX (right)
IARU HF Championship Contest 2010 DA0HQ 20m CW
Bernd, DF3CB and Fabian, DJ1YFK
DF3CB Contesting DF3CB Contesting
Tobi DH1TW in WAE DX Contest CW 2003 Frequent visitors Tom, DL4MCF (left) and Mario, DJ2MX (front)
operating WPX Contest CW 2003 each 20m and 15m single band