BV Version 7 - Mailing List

BV7 is freeware. BV7 is provided "as is" to the ham radio community. I will not give any support in any form. I might read your e-mails and suggestions but I never answer them. With a few 10,000 hams worldwide using this software it would simply take too much of my time.

Instead you will find useful support in the BV7 Mailing List at The purpose of this mailing list is to inform you about BV developments and new releases and to share information and experience with BV amongst the users.


You can easily subscribe to the mailing list by sending an e-mail to No e-mail subject or text in the e-mail body is necessary. You will receive a confirmation e-mail of the subscription request within a minute or two. You MUST REPLY to this message in order to actually join the BV mailing list. Use the reply function of your E-Mail program and send a blank message back. The reply ensures that your e-mail address is correct and it protects you in case the request was forged in your name. If you did NOT request to join the mailing list or don't want to, then ignore the message.

The BV7 Mailing List Administrator will usually approve your subscription within a few hours.


To unsubscribe from the BV Mailing List, simly send an E-Mail to


To post messages to the BV Mailing List, send an E-Mail to


Post your messages in English language. Send no large E-Mail Attachments via the BV mailing list! Most subscribers are not interested in receiving large attachments and many have only a slow internet access. Whoever does not follow this rules will be sentenced to come to Munich and to clean DF3CB's messy radio shack and this is a terrible job! Be warned!