We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of our DXpedition sponsors listed below!

World's largest Ham Radio manufacturer with over 85 models.
Force 12 USA
Force 12 Europe

The Daily DX - is a text DX bulletin that can be sent via e-mail to your home.

Do you know www.qsl.net for QSL infos? Then you have to try also www.qsl.cz for QSL cards info!

SP5DRH Jacek donates our QSLs!
The ACOM 1000 amplifier is a dream machine for DXpeditions. 1kW from 160m - 6m! You wouldn't believe that you can't hear the amp at work. No fan, no other noise.
TITANEX High-Tech HF Antennas - German Engineering. The Revolution in Weight, Elasticity and Wind Load.
BV - QSL Management and Label Printing by DF3CB.
RCKRtty is a comprehensive program for logging and administration of RTTY, PSK31, Pactor, Amtor and CW QSOs -- with simultaneous control of transceiver and realtime operation of packet radio.
SCS - The creators of Pactor
Clubs and Organisations
IARU - The International Amateur Radio Union sponsors our DXpedition with some useful material.
NCDXF - the Northern California DX Foundation
INDEXA - International DX Association
GMDX Group provides a focus in Scotland for DXers, Contesters and Island Award Chasers
LA DX Group Norway
Lake Wettern DX Group
GDXF - German DX Foundation
EUDXF - European DX Foundation
DXLF - DX Lovers Foundation
Magnolia DX Association
Chiltern DX Club
OHDXF - OH DX Foundation
UKSMG UKSMG - UK Six Metre Group
DDXG - Danish DX Group
SDXF - Swiss DX Foundation
RSGB - Radio Society of Great Britain
SMIRK - Six Meter International Radio Klub
Tokyo 610 DX Group
YCCC - Yankee Clipper Contest Club
NDXA - Nancyatte DX Aikoukai
ADXA - Arkansas DX Association
Alamo DX Amigos Radio Club
LSDXA - Lone Star DX Assn.
NN0TT Rod     DL4KQ Frank     KK6T Terry
W0SF Newt   G3HCT James   W4ZV Bill
G4BWP Fred   K6UR Rod      
DL7NFK Klaus   DL3NM Hannes      

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