STØRY DXpedition News
We will provide news about the STØRY DXpedition here on this page before, during and after the DXpedition. The news are updated by Bernd, DF3CB.
Sept 7, 2003
QSL status: Chris has answered all QSL requests that were received until the end of August (19,400 !!). By now you should find your QSL in the mail box.
Chris, DL5NAM, is now the QSL manager for ST2BSS. You can find Magdi almost daily on 15m. Check 21260-21280 kHz at various times between 1300-1900z.
July 6, 2003
We have to sets of QSL cards. The first set is for the bureau QSL's and the ones requested via our Online QSL Request System - OQRS. All requests were already sent via the bureau in June! We have also handed out a big bunch of ST0RY QSLs at the Friedrichshafen HAM Radio fair. We expect the second set of QSL cards from the printer very soon. As soon as they arrive we start direct QSL mailing.
We are happy to hear that the ST0RY expedition was chosen as the Southwest Ohio DX Association Expedition of the year. Thank you very much!
May 11, 2003
We have added a few more pictures to the ST0RY Pictures page. The QSL layout is now at the printer and the cards will be printed very soon.
Apr 17, 2003
We are glad to present the final STØRY QSO statistics!
The band/mode breakdown shows all 48064 QSOs, including 1922 (!) dupes:
  SSB CW  RTTY       Multi-Band QSOs   10-Band QSOs
160m 2 1261 0 1263    1-Band QSOs  7747       4N7ZZ
80m 206 2678 0 2884    2-Band QSOs 2927     IK1RLI
40m 457 3590 0 4047    3-Band QSOs 1664     IK7MCJ
30m 0 3470 0 3470    4-Band QSOs 1151     
20m 4179 2881 1607 8667    5-Band QSOs 946     
17m 2542 3236 0 5778    6-Band QSOs 538     
15m 5356 2571 1354 9281    7-Band QSOs 399     
12m 2188 3835 0 6023    8-Band QSOs 360     
10m 4183 2046 335 6564    9-Band QSOs 300     
6m 87 0 0 87    10-Band QSOs    
   19200  25568   3296  48064           
The number of 8- and 9-band QSOs is amazing! Congrats to the few ones with 10 bands!
This is the breakdown by continents, bands and modes, excluding the dupes:
    160m 80m 40m 30m 20m 17m 15m 12m 10m 6m ALL  percent
North America CW   226   867  1271  1316   946  1111  1046   621   188     0   7592 15.8 %
South America CW 1 13 57 52 23 57 72 39 40 0 354 0.7 %
Europe CW 897 1469 1664 1349 1320 1762 1128 2953 1562 0 14104 29.3 %
Asia CW 129 321 592 731 576 285 306 201 245 0 3386 7.0 %
Africa CW 6 8 8 14 5 18 18 18 10 0 105 0.2 %
Oceania CW 0 0 0 8 11 3 1 3 1 0 27 0.1 %
CW                         53.1 %
North America SSB 0 98 195 0 857 417 579 216 352 0 2714 5.6 %
South America SSB 0 1 10 0 52 21 37 19 70 0 210 0.4 %
Europe SSB 2 103 233 0 2383 2022 4343 1750 3387   86 14309 29.8 %
Asia SSB 0 4 17 0 839 64 360 176 304 1 1765 3.7 %
Africa SSB 0 0 2 0 28 18 31 26 57 0 162 0.3 %
Oceania SSB 0 0 0 0 20 0 6 1 12 0 39 0.1 %
SSB                         39.9 %
North America RTTY 0 0 0 0 407 0 174 0 3 0 584 1.2 %
South America RTTY 0 0 0 0 36 0 6 0 7 0 49 0.1 %
Europe RTTY 0 0 0 0 916 0 1022 0 311 0 2249 4.7 %
Asia RTTY 0 0 0 0 234 0 149 0 9 0 392 0.8 %
Africa RTTY 0 0 0 0 8 0 2 0 4 0 14 0.0 %
Oceania RTTY 0 0 0 0 6 0 1 0 1 0 8 0.0 %
RTTY                         6.8 %
Apr 9, 2003
The complete log is now available with the first corrections. 490 DXers have already used our Online QSL Request System OQRS to request ST0RY QSL cards via the bureau and have entered more than 2000 QSOs.
Apr 4, 2003
The group arrived well back home yesterday! Chris, DL5NAM, reports:
Hello, we are save back home and in more or less good condition.
We would like to say thank you for the good work to all of our friends acting in the background like our pilots. They were important for us to transfer all important messages and to give us the needed informations.
Also our great thanks to all of our sponsors that provided us with the chance to use the right equipment for the low bands. Cargo costs were very high and customs fees were even higher than the costs of material!
We stayed in Khartoum at the place of the Sea Scouts (ST2BSS). We donated them equipment to build up a permanent station. The got help from us and we will support these guys in the future too. They didn't ask, we simply do!
We finally have made more than 48,000 QSOs. It's very impressive how many 9-band QSOs we find in our log! We will very soon publish some statistics on this website as well as more pictures.
For QSLing: please follow our rules. We QSL via bureau, online via our OQRS or direct. If you send direct, please send us a SAE and the needed postage. We receive for example US stamps; sorry, but they are useless here in Germany! We also receive old German stamps. They are not valid anymore unless they have the Euro sign on it. We are forced to return these kind of problems via the bureau.
Our best regards to and will see you on our next DXpedition!
73 Chris
Team Leader ST0RY

Apr 1, 2003

STØRY is QRT! The last QSO was on Monday, March 31 at 17:45. The team began to disassemble the entire station afterwards. The last news and logs were sent from an Internet cafe in Khartoum. All equipment is now packed and there is one more day for checking the cargo and for some sightseeing. Everyone of us is satisfied and doing fine.
We will publish some QSO statistics here as well as pictures of the DXpedition when the team is back.
Let's wish the team a safe return home! We all hope you enjoyed the ST0RY operation.
Mar 31, 2003

The WPX contest was rather successful for us with almost 9,000 QSOs and we are now close to 50k. Last night on 160m CW we worked 28 more JA and one HL3. However the SSB contest caused a lot of QRM. No trace of VK on 160. We listen at every sunset. At midnight conditions dropped and we started to work 80m SSB. We are going to continue working 80m (75m) SSB during the next nights.

When transmitting on the 160m vertical, we cause interference in TV. Therefore we often start low band operation not until 20z. TV is the national sport #1 here in Sudan... 30m causes TVI too.
On Tuesday we will begin disassemmbling the antennas. The 160m antenna that can be tuned on 80, 40, 30 will stay and possibly another antenna too. One station will be on the air from Tuesday to Wednesday. On Wednesday, shortly after sunrise, ST0RY will go QRT. The equipment has to be sent back by cargo.
Mar 29, 2003
ST0RY is active in WPX Contest SSB this weekend. This is your chance to work them on SSB, also on the low bands. A second station is active on the WARC bands. The first pictures of the ST0RY operation are available on the Pictures page! There will be no log updates during this weekend.
Mar 28, 2003

Everyone of us is in good condition and all the equipment is running very well. We will participate in the WPX SSB Contest this weekend! There will probably be no log updates during the weekend.

  160m 942 2 0 944
  80m 2117 0 0 2117
  40m 3158 0 0 3158
  30m 3051 0 0 3051
  20m 2483 1757 1382 5622
  17m 2492 1843 0 4335
  15m 2426 2044 799 5269
  12m 3036 1593 0 4629
  10m 1371 1152 332 2855
  6m 0 74 0 74
Mar 27, 2003
Another good day, however not as good as Thursday. Another 4,800 QSOs came into the logs.
By the way, did you know that two other members of Dietmar's (DL3DXX) radio club DF0SAX are on DXpedition too? There is a group of six (now five) other Germans on Tonga active as A35XM.
Mar 26, 2003
Good propagation yesterday, it was our best day so far with some 6,000 QSOs from 40m to 10m. We will look again for W6/W7 tonight on 20m. There was no propagation last night on 80m and 160m! Just two Europeans!
We slowly get used to living with the sand. There was a dust storm all day long yesterday. We will bring some of the sand back home, at least we can't get rid of it.
Sudan Television visited us yesterday and filmed a report about us that will be shown on Sudan TV!
We stay here in a sea scout club. The have a ham here and will set up a station. They get a transceiver from one of the sponsors as well as a G5RV antenna. They will start to teach the boys here and they are asking us questions all day long: "What is VSWR?" "What cable is this?". And so on. They will be active in next the Jamboree on the air (JOTA). The main ham was last year in E20 for the JOTA event.
One of the local guys here came with a sheet of paper and a pen and draw each device here in our shack!
A pilot's note: We get so many requests like "When will they be again on the low bands?", "When will they operate 20m RTTY again?" and so on. We, the pilots, have no operating schedule! One rule is: if the high bands run well, like yesterday, they appear on the low bands later and vice versa. Please respect. Thanks!
Mar 25, 2003

All antennas are up and all OP's are in good condition. We have to be very careful because of local disturbances from students here in town. You know why... However, we have a save place here at the river Nile and our hosts here are great.

The current QSO count on March 25, 0407 UTC is:
  160m 679 0 0 679
  80m 1811 0 0 1811
  40m 2067 0 0 2067
  30m 2148 0 0 2148
  20m 1001 554 1198 2753
  17m 1251 576 0 1827
  15m 900 927 634 2461
  12m 1053 671 0 1724
  10m 1042 237 0 1279
  6m 0 68 0 68
  3033   1832  16817
Yesterday we put up the second Titanex V80 vertical and the 6 meter beam. It's really hot during the day. We got very tired and operated only two stations during most of the night - that's why no high bands CW yesterday.
On 40m and 80m it's nearly impossible to let the East Coast QRX while asking for more western station. The best way seems to work as much stations as possible to thin out the pileup. On 40m we reached a number of W6 and 7's. On 80 we were able to work just a few stations from W6 and W7 but condx went down a bit.
We found out that the second vertical is more quiet but about one S-unit down. Can hear much better using this one for reception, also on 160 meters when transmitting on vertical #1. In case when we are on 80 and 160 simultaneously, it's not possible to use the second receiving antenna. 160 meters has a S7..8 noise floor and we thought a lot of station called us this morning but no way to read these signals down in the noise.
So far we concentrate on CW and RTTY. If you want to work ST on the high bands/SSB, work Claudio, ST2CF. However we plan to participate in the WPX contest. So expect more SSB QSOs next weekend!

We had the first six meter opening into South Europe. Unfortunately, we cause some TVI. Watching TV is the national sport here. The unemployment rate is extremely high. Catering is no problem however.

Best regards
The ST0RY team
Mar 24, 2003
We are glad to announce that we, the pilots, now have e-mail contact with the ST0RY group and that we can pass information to them and receive news and log updates from them. The Online Log Search is now active, see above.
Greetings from the team-leader Chris, DL5NAM. He says:
"We have had a lot of problems finding an appropriate QTH but we came finally on the air on March 20, 2000 UTC. Till March 23, 0300 UTC, we had 8669 QSO's in log. 514 on 160m, 1136 on 80m, 1386 on 40m, 1730 on 30m and approx. 900 on RTTY.
However we don't have many US West Coast in the log yet. We try to make use of every chance. Our propagation charts are useless, the reality is much different. Biggest problem is always the big EU wall.
All antennas are up, we have no problems. All equipment is running well and the noise level on the low bands is acceptable. We are inside the capital Khartoum, directly at the river Nile at the point where blue and white Nile join.
We and our equipment have the same color: brown - from the desert sand! We don't have an internet connection here in the shack. So we have to use an Internet cafe downtown. Weather: we have blue sky and currently 44° C = 104 - 106 F !!"
One more pilot's note: we get several requests for SSTV. ST0RY will not operate SSTV. We are sorry!
Mar 22, 2003
At 15z today, I got this message from Gerben PA5NT/ST2X:

"Latest news frm Sudan: The teams had made approx. 4K QSOs by yesterday evening and their target is 35K. They stay in the apartment in a building at the Nile and they also make use of the boy scout club which is on the shore of the river Nile. They are using their amplifiers. ST2CF (IV3OVC) is just about 1 km away from the ST0RY operating site."

Gerben PA5NT/ST2X

STØRY came finally on the air at 2010z on March 20 with very strong signals on the low bands. One station was running on 40m while the other station switched back and forth between 80m and 160m. RTTY operation began already on the next day, March 21, on 20m.
The pilots have no e-mail contact yet with the STØRY group. We collect information for the group however we are not able to forward it to the group and we also have no logs yet. Please QRX and watch the news on this page.
Mar 20, 2003
Thanks a lot to Gerben, PA5NT/ST2X for sending us these news:
I just spoke to Chris and asked me to pass the following to you: ST0RY call sign has been issued, all team members are OK and they have just cleared all materials from customs and start building up their station today.
Mar 19, 2003

PA5NT, Gerben, reported yesterday that the German STØRY team arrived in Khartoum, Sudan on March 17. The team expected to pick up their license from authorities yesterday. They should start activity on the evening of March 20 or early March 21.

I just got news from Chris' wife. The STØRY team is doing well. They have spent two days finding an appropriate (and safe!) QTH and have finally got one today at the Nile river, with the help of the local authorities. Not all of the equipment has passed customs yet however they believe it follows tomorrow (Thursday). The estimated time of being on the air for the first time is expected to be tomorrow (Thursday) evening.

Mar 14, 2003
We are glad to announce that Yosi, JA3AAW joined the STØRY Pilot's Team and will be the pilot for only for Japan. We have also added a Great Circle Map.
Mar 5, 2003
We are glad to announce that the STØRY DXpedition has three pilot stations: Bernd, DF3CB, DrBill, K6GNX and Floyd, N5FG. If you have any problems or questions regarding the STØRY DXpedition, contact the pilot station next to you. The pilots will be in contact with the team during the DXpedition.

Our schedule is: We are going to leave Germany on March 16 and will arrive in Khartoum on March 17 in the evening. We will need some two days for customs, for the PTT and finally to select the right location for the lowband station. There are different choices. One of them is 40km away which means a 1 1/2 hour drive.

We plan to be on the air for the first time during the night of March 20 and 21. We have no plans for sightseeing trips so we are going to devote our full time to the radio. We are going to have two stations running simultaneously, sometimes three stations and 6m is open, even four stations.

Our main focus are the lowbands plus RTTY. Three of the five operators are CW operators. We don't know yet whether we will participate in the WPX contest. We are also going to offer an online log search facility here on thgis webpage. In the evening of April 2, Sudan time, we have to leave.

Feb 19, 2003
Hello everyone. 95% of our equipment is ready for the cargo lift. We are waiting for the 3rd amplifier yet and for another low band antenna to arrive here.
Please do not send us e-mails and ask for skeds! We are not able to take care of skeds now. Check from time to time this page. We will have a pilot station in EU, NA left coast and NA right coast. Names and calls will given when we start. The pilot stations will have daily contact with us. Contact me directly if you have news for us.
73 Chris dl5nam <at>

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