TX9 Chesterfield DXpedition October 2004  
Pictures These pictures were taken on our trip to the Chesterfield Islands and on the island.  
The catamaran we hired for the yoyage to the Chesterfield islands. 20m long with 11 sleeping bunks and sufficient room for our freight. Noumea harbor.
Tow of the fuel barrels. We had to take a supply of 500 liters of gasoline and 1000 liters of drinking water with us. Seafood brings some change to pasta with sauce and sauce with pasta
  Sailing is a hard job ( left to right: DL6JGN, DL5NAM, Gilles)
  The SSB, low band and 6m camp on the northern
side of the island
The Titanex V160E low band vertical. Dieter, DL3KDV
  The 6m Yagi and the 10m/15m/20m groundplane
Hawa, DK9KX  
Again, the SSB, low band and 6m camp
DL3KDV laying out the elevated radials for the V160 Jan, DJ8NK, working RTTY
The Spider Beam was doing a good job.  
Thousands of birds live on the islands and...
they obviously never sleep.

These pictures show what is left of our ACOM 1000 amplifier!!! Hundreds of destroyed components, wires and metal parts. The amplifier was originally well-packed in a hard-wall suitcase. The content of the amplifier suitcase was most probably taken out at Paris airport and obviously blown up. The remains were handed out to us in Noumea by Air France without any comment and/or apology to us...
Turtles visit the island every night to lkay out eggs. DL5NAM (back) and DK9KX (front) operating from the SSB site.
DJ9RR (right) and DJ9ON (left) operating from the CW site. View from top of the catamaran's mast.
The CW camp on the southern side of the island. The TX9 crew (left to right) DK9KX, DL3KDV, DJ8NK, DL6JGN, DL5NAM, DJ9RR, DJ9ON
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