TX9 Chesterfield DXpedition October 2004  

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Thursday, Feb 3, 2005
The QSL have arrived from the printer and we begin to send them out today.
Sunday, Nov 21, 2004
New pictures, contributed by Dieter, DL3KDV, added to the pictures page. Thanks Dieter!
Tuesday, Nov 16, 2004
We got a handful of reports about bands logged wrong in the online log search. We have identified the errors, will fix them, however we decided to close the online log search and not to re-open it again. Thanks for your understanding!
Saturday, Nov 13, 2004
We would like to give you some photo impressions of our TX9 DXpedition on the pictures page.
Friday, Nov 5, 2004
Here are the QSO statistics of the TX9 DXpedition:
TX9 Continent Breakdown
  160m  80m   40m   30m   20m   17m   15m   12m   10m    6m Total Percent
North America 40 354 391 429 495 1394 1231 623 1150 0 6107 25.8
South America 0 2 18 14 68 25 34 2 6 0 169 0.7
Europe 39 287 416 1060 1725 1302 1527 487 396 0 7242 30.6
Asia 102 248 467 611 1631 1497 2246 996 1261 190 9249 39.1
Africa 2 1 3 10 28 23 16 4 3 0 90 0.4
Oceania 20 64 74 46 334 68 152 31 37 0 826 3.5
Total 203 956 1369 2170 4281 4309 5206 2143 2853 190  23680 100
TX9 Band-Mode Breakdown   Multi-Band QSOs    
Chesterfield SSB CW RTTY Total        
160m                 0 203 0 203   1-Band QSOs 4829  
80m 569 387 0 956   2-Band QSOs 1670  
40m 503 866 0 1369   3-Band QSOs 901  
30m 0 1406 764 2170   4-Band QSOs 601  
20m 2554 1317 410 4281   5-Band QSOs 420  
17m 842 3362 105 4309   6-Band QSOs 284  
15m 2790 2027 389 5206   7-Band QSOs 152  
12m 843 1300 0 2143   8-Band QSOs 88  
10m 1781 1072 0 2853   9-Band QSOs 32  
6m 190 0 0 190   10-Band QSOs 5  
Total 10072 11940 1668 23680        
Thursday, Oct 28, 2004
An article about the TX9 DXpedition appeared in Les Nouvelle-Calédonie on Oct 27, 2004. Click here to read the TX9 Story!
Wednesday, Oct 27, 2004
Dieter, DL3KDV, one of the TX9 team members, has built an 160m antenna and will be on topband tonight and probably also during the next night. So please listen. We also heard Jan signing FK/DJ8NK on different bands.
All team members are fine; they stay in Noumea until Saturday, Oct 30 and take the flight back home then.
Monday, Oct 25, 2004
The TX9 group will be arriving back in Noumea today. Some 23,000 QSO's were made despite the mostly bad conditions and the shortened stay on the Chesterfields.
Some asked about a lowband activity from FK. Sorry, nothing is planned so we can't make any promises.
Friday, Oct 22, 2004
You might be interested to see the DX Monitor Analysis of the TX9 DXpedition - created by Peter, VE3SUN. Very interesting indeed! Thanks Peter. Please follow this link:


Wednesday, Oct 20, 2004 -- 1900 UTC
TX9 is QRT and right now getting ready to get back to FK. Unfortunately a little earlier than planned but we hope that you got a new DXCC country, band or mode. Please don't forget the efforts behind such expeditions.
Check here for TX9 QSL information. A very special thanks goes to all our sponsors!
Stay tuned here for more information coming later.
73 from the TX9 operator and support group.
Monday, Oct 18, 2004 -- 2000 UTC
I am flooded by e-mails today, 90% of them from US East Coast stations. I collect all, compress it and forward it to the group.
In a phone call a few minutes ago DL3KDV, the 160m operator reported: "We have lost the main generator so we had to use a spare generator during the night. We could only transmit with a maximum power of 200 W. We hope to be able to fix the broken generator today. Also conditions were terrible during the last 24 hours. But we had another relatively good run on 160m into Europe."
The TX9 group has to leave the island on Thursday morning their local time. Plan is to take down most of the equipment and antennas until Wednesday evening their local time and to keep just one station, maybe two stations running during the last night.
Monday, Oct 18, 2004 -- 0700 UTC
TX9 topband OP DL3KDV managed a few QSOs into Europe last night. Dieter reports that conditions on 160m are very changing and unpredictable. Pilot DF3CB has collected all band observations and forwarded them to the team.
Attention: TX9 will QRT ealier than planned - they must QRT on Wednesday, Oct 20, due to the schedule of the skipper.
Sunday, Oct 17, 2004
Note from DF3CB: Yesterday TX9 was on 30m at the same time on CW and RTTY. The signals came from the same direction. I asked the RTTY OP for his personal callsign but didn't get a response. In a satellite phone call a few minutes ago, one of the TX9 operators said: "We confirm it is well possible that two stations can be on the same band in different modes because the operating tents are located far enough apart".
No other news today. Everything is running very well there.
Sorry guys, there will be no online log search!
Saturday, Oct 16, 2004
The Titanex V160 is standing and ready to go for the first lowband QSO's.

Please keep in mind: the QSL manager for all CW QSO's is DL4XS - and for all SSB and RTTY QSO's DL5NAM. Please check the QSL information on the front page.

Friday, Oct 15, 2004
By the way, there are several islands in the Chesterfields group and TX9 is on Les 3 Ilots du Mouillage - IOTA OC-176 (FK-080). This is the same island TX0DX operated from.
Thursday, Oct 14, 2004
TX9 came on the air after 09 UTC today. Yes, just TX9. No suffix. No typing error on the license document.
Everybody in the team is fine! Two antennas are standing already. The rest follows after sunrise. Now SU in the pileups!
Wednesday, Oct 13, 2004 - 1900 UTC
The crew is almost at the island at 1900 UTC, just 20 more km to go. Two coral reefs have to be passed still before landing. They expect to come on the air on Thursday, 06 or 07 UTC. Good luck to the team!
Eric, FK8GM, was kind enough to lend the crew his ALPHA 78 amplifier because one of the bags with the ACOM amplifier got lost. Thanks Eric for your generousity!
Monday, Oct 11, 2004

Today since 03 UTC the group is on board of the ship and sailing towards the Chesterfields. So it was a very short stay in FK. All is OK, the wind is good to go. They expect some 60 hours for the the crossing. Stay tuned!

Sunday, Oct 10, 2004

We arrived well in Tokyo and will continue our trip to Noumea at 20:40 local time. Kan, JA1BK, wished us "farewell" after a dinner all together. We'll report again when we know the departure time to Chesterfield.

Dinner in JA

FK/C gang at Narita airport
Left row (to to bottom): DL5NAM - DJ9ON - DL6JGN - DJ9RR
Right row:
DK9KX - DL3KDV - DJ8NK  (Photo courtesy: JA1BK)

Friday, Oct 8, 2004
What did we say? -- all dates depending on the weather. What happened:

Due to a typhoon near Japan, the DXpedition team couldn't depart from Paris airport. Thus there is one day delay. Arrival in Noumea, FK is supposed to be on Monday morning.

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