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Apr 4, 2005 - Mike - W2LO
Well done on a fine operation and thank you for the cw and ssb QSLs. I had been looking for FK/C since I missed the TX0DX and subsequent operations. It was great to work you! Mike W2L0
Mar 24, 2005 - Ted - K2JMY
tnx for a new one on 80 m ssb also on the fast turn around on the qsl best 73 job well done
Mar 22, 2005 - Don Weiss - K0FX
Thanks for the QSO's. Looks like great fun. Sorry to see the Amplifier destroyed.
Mar 9, 2005 - NESTOR - LU2DCY
pleasure in log tx9 14oct04-117oct04 in 18mhz tks 73 dx...NESTOR---LU2DCY
Feb 23, 2005 - Ragnar Otterstad - LA5HE
Last time Chesterfield was on the air I was an expatriot in Denmark ( OZ8RO). I looked very much forward to working you with such an excellent plan. SSB was no problem. You were on 20 m many mornings. For some reason not all operators could work CW. T9X was on 80 SSB with a good signal but complained that he could not copy us due to QRN. OH2BH with his big 3 ele asked the operator to come on CW, but the answer was that he was no CW person ! What a disappointment for many EU- Dxers! Thanks anyway for your efforts ! We all appreciate it. 73 Rag
Feb 22, 2005 - Allan - VK3PA - www.vk3pa.com
Gud operation mni tnx for "CW" QSL 80,40,20 es 15m look'n fordward for ssb qsl's
Feb 19, 2005 - Wink - N4GJ
Many thanks tor the nice contact from TX9.. Keep up the great DX'ing for the rest of us.. Wink 73
Feb 16, 2005 - Don - N4HH
Rvcd ur QSL on Feb 14 for our CW qso. Mni tnx - that's #345 for me :-) 73 es gud dx -- Don
Feb 11, 2005 - Chris - DL5NAM
The following operation is approved for DXCC credit: TX9 - Chesterfield Island Operation in October of 2004. 73 es DX! Bill Moore NC1L DXCC Manager
Feb 3, 2005 - Chris - DL5NAM
We receive yesterday the QSL's from printer. Since today we start to answer QSL cards. Please give us some time to make the 'hill' smaller. 73 Maike + Chris QSL manager for TX9
Feb 2, 2005 - Stan - VE7SAG
'GREAT' site...Hope you all had fun. Cheers.
Jan 31, 2005 - John Gohndrone - N7TT
Thanks for my 'LAST' DXCC Country. Great Operation!!! Hamfully yours, John - N7TT
Jan 25, 2005 - Paul - F6EXV
Very well designed webpage for a well-done expedition ! Hope you had fun ! And thanks for the 20m QSO (now only need 2 countries on 20m !) 73
Jan 24, 2005 - Bob Unsworth - W6MTJ
Happy to QSO 10-20-2004 01;46 utc CW 21.028 MHz 599 73, Bob
Jan 18, 2005 - Larry - K2KGB
Great job and thanks for the new one!
Jan 15, 2005 - Brane Grosl - S59PC
Well managed DX-expedition and hope to cinfirm it soon this new one country, I have sent qsl (SASE)direct in Nov. 2004. Thank for all and good luck. 73, Brane
Jan 3, 2005 - Seth - N3JFW - www.hamsexy.com
Hey OM, I called you on 14.195 but you didn't call me back. So I tuned my amp up on that freq and just kept calling but no answer. So obviously we should have made a contact. I am sending you an SASE with my card and a $20 donation for you to send me your FB card. TU ES 73. Hope to CUAGN
Dec 29, 2004 - Don Collinson - K2DC
Thanks for the new one! Still waiting for the QSL Card. Are they all out yet? Do I need to send again? 73,
Dec 19, 2004 - Baracsi Ferenc - HA8MT
Congratulations,nice pages-hpe cul,73
Dec 17, 2004 - SIMONE - IZ5DKJ - www.ir3ip.net/iz5dkj
online log ? 73 Simone
Dec 15, 2004 - Wolfgang - DL4FCS
Excellent DXpedition, beautiful Pictures. Thanks very much for Qso´s. 73´s de Wolf..OK8FCS
Nov 30, 2004 - Tim Garrity - WD9DZV
Great operation! Thank you for the new DX country! Best to you and your good family. 73 Tim, WD9DZV
Nov 23, 2004 - Dale Green - VE7SV
Congratulations on your exciting adventure. Excellent dxpedition! 73 Dale VE7SV
Nov 21, 2004 - Pete - SM5GMZ
Well, let's take a look at the fact: you have a blown up, destroyed, wrecked ACOM 1000. I presume that Air France - aka Frog Airlines - have supplied you with enough money to buy another amplifier? If not. ask them to stuff the gear somewhere where the sun never shines! Air France? No thanks, I'll walk...
Nov 21, 2004 - MASA - JO3AXC/MOBILE
Many thanks for a new country Good DX 73
Nov 19, 2004 - Dimiter Petrov - LZ1AF
Congratulations on your great efforts. We were all shocked to see how your ACOM 1000 was blown up, really hard to believe! 73! Dimiter, LZ1AF of the ACOM group
Nov 19, 2004 - Nodir Tursoon-Zadeh - EY8MM - www.qsl.net/ey8mm
Wow! Excellent pictures. So awful situation with Acom amp. I can't beleive it happened. Please accept our best wishes and gratituate for this great efford!
Nov 17, 2004 - Duncan Carman - W7JEN
Excellent expedition, but am having trouble finding your on-line log....HI!! Keep up the good work...73, Duncan
Nov 16, 2004 - pepe - EA1PP
Nov 15, 2004 - Dean Showalter - W5PJR
Hi Guys: It was fun to work you! Lots of good ops and lots of activity. I only wish 160 meters could have been more productive for you (and me!) 73 de Dean
Nov 15, 2004 - Heikki Kinnunen - OH4NS
Well done!
Nov 15, 2004 - Roberto - IN3NJB
IN3 mountains close me to west. Tried some times to work you CW on 40 but allways QRMmed from european lids op. Very happy to find in the log my RTTY QSO on 30 mtr. Many many thanks for a difficult NEW ONE.
Nov 15, 2004 - Sheridon (Don) Street - HS0ZEE
Thanks for all your effort for a new one. I was apalled and shocked with the damage that happened to your linear.
Nov 15, 2004 - Yeo - DS5KJR
You`ve come a long way! 73
Nov 15, 2004 - robert w. donnelly sr. - N1KJW
great job and tnx for the CW contact on 17mtrs.best 73
Nov 15, 2004 - Mike Kirchoff - W2OO
Thanks for your efforts on behalf of all of us in ham radio. 73, Mike
Nov 14, 2004 - John Reiser - W2GW
Thanks guys for number 333 on my DXCC! I,m very happy! You all did a great job under difficult propagation conditions. There is still a lot of demand for TX/C, especially on the East Coast of the U.S. 73
Nov 14, 2004 - Fabio - HB9AUS - www.educanet.ch/home/flava
Thank you for the fun also from this side. 73's
Nov 14, 2004 - Gary Altman - K4NNK
Congratulations on your successful operation. I wish I could have been with you. Gary
Nov 14, 2004 - DON JORDAN - VA7DJ
Nov 13, 2004 - Tom Juelich - DL2HRF - www.qsl.net/dl2hrf
Thanks guys for the great Dxpedition, hard fight to catch you from Europe as Pacific always is, not to speak of the near solar minimum....but at least 1 QSO....73´s
Nov 12, 2004 - NESTOR - LU2DCY
Hello friends..tks for qso..dx..my station in zarate city-baires-argentina. pleasure my station in log ??? tks amigo adios...73 dx ..Nestor-lu2dcy 73 family..qrv..
Nov 11, 2004 - John - AE9DX
Tnx & 73!!!
Nov 10, 2004 - Hartmut - DM5TI
Mein Respekt vor Eurem Aufwand für diese relativ kurze operating time. Ich möchte Euch ja gerne etwas im Zuge meines QSL-Request zukommen lassen. Aber für ein eventuelles 'not in the log' bin ich zögerlich. Wenn man verständlicherweise keine Zeit für ein echtes Online-Log hat, dann sollte man doch nach der Rückkehr dieses ins Web stellen. 73 de Hartmut
Nov 9, 2004 - Eike - DM3ML
Ich würde mich freuen, wenn es ein Online-Log gäbe. Und noch mehr würde ich mich freuen, wenn mein Rufzeichen auch wirklich drin ist. Und dann freue ich mich auf die QSL. Warum seht Ihr das mit dem Online-Log so verbissen ? Dank im Voraus de Eike, DM3ML
Nov 9, 2004 - paul - KA8ZPE
mni tnx gentlemen for all the contacts. tnx agn for being there...excellent operation. best of luck and gud dxing.
Nov 8, 2004 - Chris - AA8CH
Nice expedition guys. I worked you with 100 watts and a vertical here in the Midwest's black hole. If people actually spent as much time listening and calling as they did whining they would make a QSO too. 73
Nov 8, 2004 - Tom Liska - K9CJM
Great effort with not so great conditions. Thanks for the opportunity to make contact on new bands.
Nov 8, 2004 - Chris - DL5NAM
to wa1ytt - AL : too much HF destroys brain - you are the best example !
Nov 7, 2004 - wa1ytt - AL
No online logs?? Sure, that way not in the log keeps the $$.... I will wait for the next operation from there. Typical @#$@#$....
Nov 7, 2004 - David J. McAulay - VK3EW
Fantastic DXpedtion guys.! Tnx for the qso on 160mx.! Wkd before but need a card so was pleased to see you on this band. 73 David VK3EW. (One of the pilot stations for TX0C)
Nov 6, 2004 - Tony - W4FOA
Great DXpedition under difficult conditions. Thanks for 6 bands from SE USA. How about VU4 and VU7 ? 8-)) 73, W4FOA
Nov 5, 2004 - dxfan - DXFAN
WHY NO ON-LINE LOGS ??????????
Nov 5, 2004 - Nodir Tursoon-Zadeh - EY8MM - www.qsl.net/ey8mm
Thank you very much for great effort! I hope that you will put online-log shortly. CU from another rare spot!
Nov 4, 2004 - Tony Estep - KT0NY
Thanks for your great efforts to provide TX9 qsos!
Nov 3, 2004 - Klaus - DL7AFV
GREAT DXPEDITION !!!!!! Give me some Band-Points...! Also Great Operators....! Klaus
Nov 3, 2004 - Ken Manuelian - K1UM
Thanks for a great DXpadition.....
Nov 1, 2004 - DOV - 4Z4DX / M0DOV
Oct 30, 2004 - Kazuo Okamoto - JA8ISU
Many thanks for the QSO on 80m and 160m
Oct 29, 2004 - Charlie - AD7J
Nice job guys!!
Oct 29, 2004 - Markus Dinklage - YO3/DL4AAZ
Vielen Dank fuer die schoene DXpedition! 73s de Markus
Oct 29, 2004 - Tim - KU4J
Thanks for new one on RTTY!! I managed to work you guys less than 24 hours before you left. 73s Tim/KU4J
Oct 27, 2004 - Ron - AA7CQ
Thanks for a great operation, I enjoyed chasing this DX. May you have a safe journey home. 73 de Ron.
Oct 27, 2004 - AL VITCO - WA1YTT
EXTREMELY difficult to work from S.E. USA. Almost never on the bands that were open to this area. When they were, it was always 'NO USA' then QSY. Thanks for nothing.
Oct 27, 2004 - Darek - SP6NVK - www.milka.us
Hi, If you need more precise map, I offer map(s) from my site: www.milka.us or www.sp6nvk.milka.pl
Oct 26, 2004 - Maike - DL4XS
Now nearly 200 letters come in, mostly USA. I'm collecting stamps. You make me happy if you take special ones. Thanks!!
Oct 26, 2004 - Giorgio - I2KMG
Thank you for the new one on 30m! I was extremely lucky, though, since almost all openings to EU on this band were used for RTTY!!!
Oct 26, 2004 - Claude - F9OE
Congrats for ur traffic. 73 and tnx.
Oct 25, 2004 - Jim Leder - K8CXM
Tried unsuccesfully to QSO on 30 4 mornings in row with no luck, but managed to luck out on 17 CW the day before QRT. Caught TX9 just as they QSY'd there and got through with 100 watts and a G5RV before the pile up started. I don't do well on 17 so I consider myself lucky! Propagation was finally good on the last day on the high bands, but never good on 30. Thanks for a new one (#317)!
Oct 25, 2004 - John Kelley - K4WY
'No U.S.' = no funding from my group
Oct 25, 2004 - Fausto - I4EAT
Congratulations guys and thank you very much for two more band points (30&160). Despite who think the time spent on the low bands is not rewarding I will enclose some extra euros on my envelope.
Oct 25, 2004 - Holger - DL7IO - www.dl7io.de
Super Aktivität, Danke. Ich bin erst am 19. Oktober wieder im Land gewesen und mußte mich also sputen. 5QSO's auf 4 Bändern war schon okay. Leider bin ich auf den lowbands nicht mehr zum Zug gekommen.
Oct 25, 2004 - P E T R - OK1DOT - www.qsl.net/ok1dot
TX9 - tnx for new one on 80m. But terrible signale was OK1AMB, cliks.... 73 Petr OK1DOT
Oct 25, 2004 - Graeme - ZL1ANH - www.rotorua.net.nz
A great operation , congratulations, excellent operators and good use of propogation
Oct 24, 2004 - Marc - ON4MA
Thanks for the 10m qso and new one on 80m.Good opening last day on 10m.Just no 160m qso.Will be for the next dxpedition.You have my vote !
Oct 24, 2004 - Knut Baczko - DK5AD
Excellent DXpedition! Tnx vy for 5 new band points and three modes including one more for my Fone DXCC (honor role)! Personally I would have liked more CW on the low bands. But I know others may think different, hi..
Oct 23, 2004 - Paul D. Schrader - N4XM
Outstanding operation. Great operators (all), especially 160M operator. Tnx for new one on 160M and RTTY. QSL's and donations in the mail. 73 Paul N4XM
Oct 23, 2004 - Vlad - UA6JD
Thanks new one on RTTY
Oct 23, 2004 - PAOLO - IZ2CPM
Thank for new DXCC and IOTA.Good luck for TX9-team
Oct 23, 2004 - Peter - DL3NAZ
Vielen Dank fuer die tolle DX-Pedition. Nun habe ich 326 DXCC Gebiete mit 100 Watt erreicht. Where do you go NEXT ? Ich freu mich schon darauf. 73 Peter
Oct 23, 2004 - Jerr y - K4ZIN
Thanks so much for getting TX on the air. Now only two to go for Honor Roll. You did a good job under difficult conditions and huge pileups. Some how worked you on 10, and 80 plus 17. But on 40 I couldn't break the biggest pileup I have heard in 45 years on the air. Wow! You were meeting some needs. Thanks and enjoy your rest when you get home! Jerry K4ZIN and 9L1JT
Oct 23, 2004 - Morris - W4REX
Nice making another contact with the 2004 dxpedition...Good job !!! 73,s Morris
Oct 23, 2004 - Jeff Jackson - N9HUK
I've had difficulty finding TX9 on SSB but finally heard you on 10 M. I was able to work after about 1/2hr of calls - not too bad for poor band conditions. Very happy to get a new one after a long dry spell. Thanks to all you guys for putting this rare island on the air. Also thanks for a new DXCC country...that's #328. I'm very grateful!
Oct 23, 2004 - Erminio - I2EOW
Thanks for your efford on actiivating chesterfield
Oct 23, 2004 - Ermes - IK4FNF
Fine job, have a nice trip !
Oct 22, 2004 - Frank - K7DS
Thanks for the new one, CW & SSB, 17 & 10. I dont have ants for these bands, but the tuner made it happen! Very good operators!
Oct 22, 2004 - Neil - V73NS - www.qsl.net/v73ns
Glad to work you... sorry your time was cut short. 73 Neil
Oct 22, 2004 - FRANCO - I4LCK
Great job! Congrats....
Oct 22, 2004 - Theo Vanderydt - ON4ATW
Thanks for this expedition. I managed some new band/mode slots. Hope you have a save trip home. cu agn 73'.
Oct 22, 2004 - Fernando - EA8AK
in spite of so many problems, you did an excellent job. Well done¡
Oct 22, 2004 - Bruce - AA9RN
Conditions not great here.But I made it for a new one on RTTY. Thank you for your great effort.
Oct 22, 2004 - Steve Baughn - WD8NPL
Great operation-Tnx for new one es Best 73s! Steve, WD8NPL
Oct 22, 2004 - Junji Saito - JA7SSB
Very Congratulation that your big pedition. I worked some mode with you, sure. I'm proud to contact you, too. I have edited own homepage for JA Amateurs and announced your working schedule often. I hope to receive your QSL soon later. Vy 73 Chief editor of The Hamradio Web. JA7SSB/Jun
Oct 22, 2004 - Neil - NB7Q
Great job,a well organized operation. Will be looking forward to future operation's.73's
Oct 22, 2004 - Gunnar Lönnberg - SM5ARL - www.algonet.se/~sm5arl
Thanks for a new one on 17 meters. Sorry couldn't do it on qrp. Gunnar
Oct 22, 2004 - Tomas - OK1DXD
Nice Dxpedition, when will be an on-line log available ? 73! Tomas
Oct 22, 2004 - Mike - I7CSB - WWW.arelettronica.it
Nice spedition, but no good propagation, only on 20 octber condition were very good. Tnx for cw qso.
Oct 22, 2004 - Satoshi Matsunaga - JG8SOX
Thanks for nice DXpedition. I will send a SASE and small donation.
Oct 22, 2004 - Peter Petrov - LZ2PEP
Thanks new DXCC . Worked TX9 on the noise level on 30 m . Hard but sweet / hi/ . Very good DXpedition . Very ggood operators . Will look for you in your next DXpedition 73 , Peter
Oct 22, 2004 - JOHN MARTIN - KA5BSE - www.w5ddl.org
Oct 22, 2004 - Marian - SQ4CUM
Great job Tnx for the new one rtty 10mhz
Oct 22, 2004 - Nick - UT5UT
Due to your DXpedition I have worked finally my last new country, 335 entities for DXCCHR#1 additionally else on 80m.band! Thanks all participants this fine DXpedition(particulary my old friend -Jan,DJ8NK)for beautiful possibility to finish in many years DXCCHR#1 marathon!Anxiously wait TX9 QSL card. With best wishes, Nick, UT5UT
Oct 22, 2004 - Roland Spoon - AH6RR
Thanks for the Effort guys and the contact 73 Roland
Oct 22, 2004 - Charles Ahlgren - WB6IYM
Thanks for a new one, gentlemen. Worked you over the weekend on 10 meter phone. Hope you all have a safe and pleasant trip home.
Oct 22, 2004 - Lou Laderman - KB0CJ
Thanks for #343 mixed, #335 phone. 73, Lou, KB0CJ
Oct 22, 2004 - Zlatko - 9A2EU
Thanks for nice dx-pedition & new country on 20/30/40 meters and on RTTY. Also nice signals on 80 but pileup was too big.
Oct 22, 2004 - Chuck - W7FP
Good ops! Nice job, hope you go on more dxpeditions!
Oct 22, 2004 - Andy - RW3AH
Thanx guys! Great deal! I got my new and last one for HR DXCC. With best regards! 73 de RW3AH Andy (9X0A). & K1B team member.
Oct 21, 2004 - Vinicio - I5NQZ
good dx-pedition
Oct 21, 2004 - Al Baker - W5IZ
Thanks for the wonderful dxpedition. Your signals were good copy on all 9 bands! Really appreciate your diligence on 160! Have a safe trip home. 73 de Al, W5IZ
Oct 21, 2004 - Ludwig F. Drapalik
Mni tnx guys! You are great operators. Thanks for the new one! Great DXpedition! We have been on 17.11.99 on that Reef during our circum navigation with our sailing boat ELDORADO. But then Chesterfield was'nt a DXCC Land... Vy 73! Ludwig, HB9CWA
Oct 21, 2004 - Frank - VE6NU - www.members.shaw.ca/ve6nu
Thanks guys, great operation...great operators; it was a pleasure being on the radio again and listen. BTW, it was a new one for me! Take care you all. Frank
Oct 21, 2004 - bob - K9IL
TNX!!!! a new one and on 5 bands too!!!!! # 351
Oct 21, 2004 - Kadek Kariana SP - YB9BU (EX YC9BU) - www.mdxc.org/oc-252
Nice to work you on 40 m !
Oct 21, 2004 - Richard Thompson - VE7XT
Thanks for the new country.... Next time hopefully I will get you on the lowbands. 73 Richard
Oct 21, 2004 - mony shafir - 4X6ZK
well done
Oct 21, 2004 - Hans Rothenbacher - DJ9UM
Für mich das DXCC-Land 332, jetzt fehlen nur noch 3. Vielen Dank an alle. Vy 73 Hans
Oct 21, 2004 - Champ - E21EIC
Tks for FB QSO and Tks for new one!!
Oct 21, 2004 - Mark - ON4WW
6 days and 7 operators, it is not easy to satisfy everyone, and it must have been an exhausting experience. But you guys sure had a go at it, and are to be applauded, CONGRATS !! For the 'professional DX-cluster whiners' : go yourself and do it yourself. 73 - Mark
Oct 21, 2004 - Richard - HB9ANM
You guys are great operators. Fine signal on 15, thanks for the new one! Heard you on 30/40, too, but with all the lids... and the pileup, I decided one band would do! Great DXpedition - TNX! 73 Richard HB9ANM
Oct 21, 2004 - Hinrich - DF2HL
Mit 100w und Unter-Dach-Dipol bzw. 10m Vertikal hat es leider nicht geklappt, TX9 zu erreichen. Vy 73 de Hinrich, DF2HL
Oct 21, 2004 - Jeff - K0JS
Very much enjoyed listening to you guys working hard hour after hour! Propagation difficult first day or so, however ops appeared to be unperturbed, and skills improved noticeably over the days. This was a good expedition. Thanks for 21 MHz SSB and QRP. Auf viederhoren, 73, Jeff.
Oct 21, 2004 - Wilf - DJ6TK - www.qsl.net/dj6tk
Hi friends, it was a good Operation from you. Thanks for a new one on 30m CW and RTTY. On 15/12 and 10m was a good opening to Chesterfield. I hope the Crew had a good fun on the Island. Vy 73 es good luck, Wilf - dj6tk -
Oct 21, 2004 - Isaac Lindenbaum - 4Z4TL - www.iarc.org/~4z4tl
Great Job & operation. Can serve as an example. Sorry for not being able to work you as much as I needed. Thanks & Shalom from the Holyland de Isaac 4Z4TL
Oct 21, 2004 - George - VA3EF
I had 5 great days by the radio in search/wait mode. Super job guys trying to pleased everybody. With poor propagation to E.Coast and tousends of callers, for shure was not easy to work you... But, isn't that part of our hobby? Thanks guys for 7-bands new one and see you next time. George VA3EF
Oct 21, 2004 - Peter - AB6WM
www.benlo.com/dxmon/tx9.html The link above... Dunno why it disappeared.
Oct 21, 2004 - Peter - AB6WM
Thanks for being there. You guys were spotted 2,834 times this week. For maps of the spots by band and lots of spotter statistics, click on the link above.
Oct 21, 2004 - Alan - N4HL
Tnx for Qso on SSB!
Oct 21, 2004 - Per - SM2LIY
Thanks for the new one. Neverd heard TX9 on 160 and 10m. 40 was heard but no QSO. Maybe the antenna on 40 was unfavourable for EU. VK9LA was stronger on 40 at the same time. But on 80 the signal was GREAT! Good operation and the propagation was good. 73 Per SM2LIY
Oct 21, 2004 - John McWhirter - KA6TTV
I was surprised to get through on 10 meters with 100 watts and a vertical. Thanks to all of the crew!!! 73
Oct 21, 2004 - William Santelmann - N1AU
Thanks for the easy RTTY contact on 15 meters for a new country! Wish you could have stayed longer because many of us wanted and needed contacts on other modes and bands. But thank you very much indeed for what you have done for us in the short time you were on Chestefield Island. Three cheers for the operators of TX9!
Oct 21, 2004 - Thomas - DJ6OI
Hello ! Thanks for a new one in RTTY and 2 Bandpoints! Greetings specialy to Dieter DJ9ON :) See you next... 73 Thomas
Oct 21, 2004 - R. L. 'Tad' Williamson - WF4W - home.earthlink.net/~wf4w
Thank you for a well run DXPedition. Your operators were top-notch and handled the pile-ups extremely well. Thank you for a new country for me (number 324) 73, WF4W, Tad Williamson
Oct 21, 2004 - KRIS - SP9UPK - www.sp9upk.of.pl
Great operation.Tnx for all contact.73
Oct 21, 2004 - landi daniele - I 5 KHX
For spedition Germany of Caledonia is beatiful. Contact radio in cw 15 meter from Grosseto (italy). Because do not line log ? Thank your de i5khx ( daniele)
Oct 21, 2004 - Wolfgang Nassler - DL2DRZ
Danke für ein neues DXCC,habe Euer fb sig auf 40m kurz vor Ende der Operation trotz der lid`s gehört,war aber zu spät.Alles Gute Wolf/DL2DRZ
Oct 21, 2004 - Ville Niskanen - OH5RF
FB working OM's. I've collected more than 10 points during your dx pedition I was planed to work you in 10MC but that qso is what I missed. (wasn't able to work when you were on that band. eny way conditions were very good from tx9 to here finland. The most fascinating qso was on 80m. we got s-meter level s-9! evenings following each others. enyway tnx fer pedition. I quess there is much paper work to do when you get home. Hopefully online log will be appeared. 73 mny tnx de ville oh5rf
Oct 21, 2004 - Floyd Gerald - N5FG - www.mdxa.org
Great Dxpedition to a 'rare one' and well done with a lot of difficulties! GOOD SHOW by ALL Hope for safe trip home for all the ops! 73/GL Floyd, N5FG
Oct 21, 2004 - Zdeno - OK2ZW - www.qsl.net/ok2zw
Great job guys! thanks for few band points and new one on rtty. 73! Zdeno
Oct 21, 2004 - Ludek - OK2ZC - ok2zc.nagano.cz
tnx for nice dxpedition, new ones rtty and 30,10m GL but missed 40 :-(
Oct 21, 2004 - Alex - IK0VAQ
Many thanks for the very good operations and for the new one with my homebrew station 100W. 73, Alex
Oct 21, 2004 - Christoph Rheker - DL4YAO
Danke für die tolle Aktivität. War schön, Euch auch auf 10m zu erreichen. Gute Heimreise!
Oct 21, 2004 - Phillip C. Hawkins - N6EMC
Enjoyed working TX9 on 12M & 15M ! Thank You for the New Ones ! Sorry I missed you on 40 M. 73 N6EMC
Oct 21, 2004 - Jan Förderer - DL7JAN - www.qsl.net/dl7jan
Vielen Dank für DXCC #305! awdh de Jan,DL7JAN aka 8Q7JF
Oct 21, 2004 - Marc - ON6AA - www.on6aa.com
Hi guys , thanks for the great time especially on the low bands , have a safe back home
Oct 21, 2004 - Pete - SM5GMZ - www.peppearninge.se
Thanks a lot for a new one. Have been QRT for many years, so Chesterfield ISland was great to work...
Oct 21, 2004 - Victor - UA4HBW
Hello guys! Thanks for 8 band QSO's! 30,40 and 80m was my NEW ONE's! Sorry for delay 160m QSO. Was not good prop. I heared you on 80m CW at 13z many times, but you wkd USA. The signals was extreemly strong, more stronger than on your sunrise. Also sorry for CW 80m delay. But thanks for 80m SSB! 73! Victor UA4HBW
Oct 21, 2004 - Henk Mulder - SWL PA 1555
Thanks for a new one on all WARC-bands in spite of poor bandconditions! The effort is much appreciated and people with criticism should try such an operation themselves. I wish the crew a save homeward trip! Thanks again! Henk - PA1555
Oct 21, 2004 - Pascal Grandjean - F5LEN
Not really easy with 100W and a GP, but finnally worked on 20m. Mny tnx. 73's Pascal
Oct 21, 2004 - Alex - YL2KO
Tnx for 160m qsq!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 21, 2004 - PETER ZBINDEN - HB9BYZ
Tnx for DXCC # 317
Oct 21, 2004 - Pavel - OK1DRQ
Tnx for QSOs on 80,40 - SSB and 40,30,17,15 - CW and 30 mtrs RTTY -with problem QRM. New country -3 bands - TNX !!! de Pavel OK1DRQ
Oct 21, 2004 - PAOLO - I4TJE
Oct 21, 2004 - Martin - SM0DTK
Thanks for 40 meter QSO at 18.44 Z on 20 october. Amazing to get you in the log just 15 minutes before going QRT. Hope you will have a safe journey back home! / Martin
Oct 21, 2004 - Daniele Christen - HB9CIP
Just few words to say thaks to all the people who helped make it happen ! 73's from Dan HB9CIP
Oct 21, 2004 - Rolf - DL7VEE
Danke für ein NEW ONE in RTTY (30m) und die unerwarteten QSOs auf 10 und 12 m! 80 m hat leider nicht geklappt. Danke nochmals!
Oct 21, 2004 - Mike - W4EF
Thanks for the contacts. You guys had a great signal on 75 meter SSB on Sunday morning 10/18. I could copy you Q5 x S7 well past sunrise from my mobile while parked along the Salton Sea beach in Southern California. Too bad I didn't have a good TX signal - hi hi. Great job and have a safe trip home to DL. 73 de Mike, W4EF...........
Oct 21, 2004 - harry makler - KX6C
Greatr operators, although I worked most bands on the previous expedition in 2000!
Oct 21, 2004 - John Turnbull - ZL1DT
I was very pleased to work TX9 from our JOTA field station. 100 watts into a sloper dipole. Thank you
Oct 21, 2004 - Ian - KZ7N
Thanks for new country #313 on 2 modes and 3 bands. Great Job! 73, Ian
Oct 21, 2004 - Ray - N6NBB
Thanks for a new country (#317).
Oct 21, 2004 - Jim - W3QY
Thank you,gentlemen,for your excellent efforts to put Chesterfield back on the air.I added new bands/modes and was extremely happy to snag you on 75M SSB and 30M CW.Getting out of bed earlier than normal proved to be a good thing (hi).I wish you safe travels back to DL!
Oct 21, 2004 - Phil Finkle - K6EID
Thanks for #349 on SSB, #338 on CW, and #350 on Mixed. U were FB copy on 7051 hr at 1348Z (0948 local time in Georgia!) until an idiot from K5 land starting CQing on ur QRG to ruin east coast QSOs. Other than that, a great job. Too bad, u had to leave early. U were really starting to roll the last 2 days! Congrats!
Oct 21, 2004 - Frank - W1NK
Thanks for #287! Safe travel back home
Oct 21, 2004 - Jae Kim - HL4XM
Many thanks and conglatulations for the successful operation!! I would pay my respects to the guys in the expedition...
Oct 21, 2004 - Don Artru - N6ZM
Great Job you guys that was #348 for me I have been waiting and I wasnt diappointed thanks again. Regards
Oct 21, 2004 - John - K5GKC
Thanks for the all time new one on CW. We really appreciate all your hard work and patience making this a great DX-Pedition. 73, John - K5GKC
Oct 21, 2004 - GRADY DEAN - W4TRY
Oct 21, 2004 - Mike Mattes - W2LO
Great job under trying conditions. Your 17 meter cw station was great-on hour after hour, day after day handing out those QSOs! Glad to work you on 10ssb as well as the other bands.
Oct 21, 2004 - Charles Bibb - K5ZK
Tnx for the new one!
Oct 21, 2004 - YAMA - 7K1CPT/1
Many thanks for my new one.I had 2 band QSO with my 5W output and DP. Call from outdoor.Because I have no ant at my home.I am very very glad to this QSO and thanks for your good recived.Take care the way to home and cu agn 73
Oct 21, 2004 - Ryan - K3XC
Thanks for #317! I made a 3 hour trip home from college just for the qso. 73 Ryan K3XC
Oct 21, 2004 - G. Widin - K0GW
The best night was the last. Thanks for a few new bands/modes. Wish the propagation had been better. 73.
Oct 21, 2004 - Hans - DL8FD - www.dl8fd.de
Hallo besten dank für die ufb dx-pedition hat spass gemacht. gute heimfahrt vy 73 hans dl8fd
Oct 21, 2004 - John Ackley - KP2A - kp2a.vi
Good operation. Thanks 7 new bands, 2 new modes. I was unable to work you on 160 or 80 because your opertions seemed to be timed for sweeping from the US East Coast to the West - our sun rise in the Carribean is one hour earlier than the US East Coast. 73 john
Oct 21, 2004 - Eilert - SM4FZW
Tnx for a nice DXpedition, and a new country for me. GL and 73's de SM4FZW
Oct 21, 2004 - Richard - SP6CDK
In my opinion ,expedition was one of the best.
Oct 21, 2004 - Luis - IV3PRK
Congratulations and many thanks for such a big effort on 160 meters (my only band). Both evenings 17th and 18th you were readable here from 18.00 to 19.00 z. Thanks again to a German Team for a great dedication on a Band that does not reward enough with the QSO's rate!
Oct 20, 2004 - Akihiko Okamoto - JA9GLW
you gave me a new big one for rtty and cw. Many thanks to your great oprations.
Oct 20, 2004 - Paul - K3STX
Never made a QSO. I woke up at 4 am (my time) three days to try to work you on 30 meters, called and called for 2 hours and no luck (had to go to work!). Never heard you on 40 meters. This is what makes DXing frustrating, but fun. Good luck on your return, and thanks for the fun!!! 73, paul
Oct 20, 2004 - Bob - W4OWY
New one for me, TNX
Oct 20, 2004 - Wim - PA0WRS
Many thanks for this fb operation. You gave me a new Rtty entity (20m en 30m).
Oct 20, 2004 - Wim - PA0WRS
Many thanks for this fb operation. You gave me a new Rtty entity (20m en 30m).
Oct 20, 2004 - Randolf Schmitz - DL6KAI
Thank you for the effort to make it possible to work FK/C. Was a pleasure for me. Hope, that the 40m QSO was not with a pirate: Unbelivable strong signals, hi. Good luck and bon voyage! Best 73 de Randolf, DL6KAI
Oct 20, 2004 - Ernie - AD5MD
managed to snag a 10m qso with my ATAS-100 antenna....the op had great ears...tnx for a new one!
Oct 20, 2004 - DR THOMAS WYNN - K0ZGC
Tnx to all for this great oppertunity to work a new country. Thank you for being there.
Oct 20, 2004 - Robin - LB8CA
Dear Hamfriends, Many thanks for all your efforts for bringing TX on the air again, and for your patient persistance during the pileups! Plenty of police & LID´s on your transmit frequency. As usual. Thanks for a new DXCC in CW & SSB! First Class Operators!! 73´s
Oct 20, 2004 - Pertti - OH2RF / MEMBER OF TX0DX TEAM
I was there on the Reef of Three anchors 3/2000. I know how is it like on those weather condx.Thanks for 8 band qsos.
Oct 20, 2004 - Rod Ballrd - WI8A
thanks for the new bands was tuff on this end pile ups were huge hr cant imagine what u guys were listening to wow 30 and 40 hrd eu ja vk and na all same 10 mins calling u gl cu agn 73 and thanks agn Rod/wi8a
Oct 20, 2004 - Kim Jang-Hwan - HL3IB
Great expedition and good job! Many thanks for 6 bands/3 modes QSOs. Wishes all the crew's safe return trip to DL land. 73 es TU de Kim/HL3IB
Oct 20, 2004 - Heinz-Josef Pick - DK5WL
Danke für das RTTY QSO am Sonntag auf 30m! Heute morgen hörte ich Euer CQ auf 30m CW und kam beim ersten Anruf mit 100 Watt und Dipol zum Zuge. Gute Heimreise und vielen Dank für die ufb DX-pedition, Vy 73 Joe DK5WL
Oct 20, 2004 - Fred Tinner - HB9AAQ
Besten Dank für die 2 QSO's und das gute Operating. Alles Gute, sichere Heimkehr und vy 73, gl. Fred, HB9AAQ USKA-Presi
Oct 20, 2004 - Mel - VE2DC
BTW, I did manage a CW QSO on 17... tks
Oct 20, 2004 - Mel - VE2DC
Not a very good schedule from East Coast N/A. They would show up every day after the band was closed from VE2. I only ever heard them on 17 and 30.
Oct 20, 2004 - Gary Reeb - WA0QVC
This has to be the WORST run dx-pedition I have seen in my 37 years as a ham!!!!!!! It is plain to me that the object here was to cater to the minority of hams that wanted to increase their WARC and RTTY dxcc totals, not to help out hams like me that needed this country for an all time new one. Where was your 20 meter ssb station????
Oct 20, 2004 - Roy Lincoln - WA4DOU
Only managed a qso with you on 17 meters, but Thanks so much for a new one.
Oct 20, 2004 - Jerry Parsons - WB6EJL
Thanks for Contact!
Oct 20, 2004 - FRANK - F5QF
Oct 20, 2004 - Rick - W6ENZ
Many thanks for a new country!
Oct 20, 2004 - Gary Altman - K 4 N N K
Very impressive operation. Thanks for putting up with all of us.
Oct 20, 2004 - Willy Dellaert - ON5AX
Thanks for the qso and new country I hope you enjoy the trip and have good weather Good luck to you all and a safe return Willy ON5AX ex FO0DEL/ZK1AXA
Oct 20, 2004 - DOV - 4Z4DX / M0DOV
Oct 20, 2004 - EDDY - MW0YVK
Hi to all you guys done a great job.look forward to your next one if poss. Have a safe return. De Eddy MW0YVK 73s
Oct 20, 2004 - Christos Sfyris - SV2DGH - www.qsl.net/sv2dgh
Good luck to the team, have a safe trip and enjoy Chesterfield staying!
Oct 20, 2004 - Romek Kepinski - SQ5RK
Great job!!! Congratulations es TNX.
Oct 20, 2004 - Lyndon McGregor - VK3LSM
Many thanks for new one MOBILE. Good luck & Good DX
Oct 20, 2004 - Tadao Suzuki - JA7BVS
Many thanks for DX-pedition, thank you for new one on 20m, 17m, 15m and 10m CW QSO's. Good luck and good trip to the team!
Oct 20, 2004 - Bob Sramek - K6ZOE - www.oldgreyham.com
Thank you very much for the great dx contact..73 and hope you all had fun.... 73 bob
Oct 20, 2004 - Art Mouton - K5FNQ
Thanks for a well run DXpedition with lots of CW activity. Now only 6 left to work them all. 73, Art K5FNQ
Oct 20, 2004 - Lawrence H. Walter - KL7IWC
Thanks for all your efforts. Had a good time working TX9 RTTY.
Oct 20, 2004 - Rich Zysk - K0GSV/K0AXU
Finally worked TX9 on 10 mtrs. Would have liked to work them on 30 mtrs, but sig was poor here.
Oct 20, 2004 - Ted - W4NE
Thanks for 10 meter SSB contact today. It was tough copy on US East Coast and had to give up on CW contact because of conditions. Have good trip home.
Oct 20, 2004 - Robert E Feuer - W0ZPE - www.ranchontheweb.com
Thank you for the good DX and the great job all of you are doing. You are all good operators. 73 de Bob W0ZPE
Oct 20, 2004 - Nick Heineck - WL7K
Tnx fot the contact on 10M
Oct 20, 2004 - Gene Lewis - W5LE
I add my thanks and congratulations to your team for your efforts...As you know, there will always be the 'sour grapes' comments from those that didn't get you on 'their band' or 'their mode'...Let their comments be diminished and offset by the multitude of us who want you to know that we sincerely appreciate what you've done! 73 and all the best to the whole team...
Oct 19, 2004 - Rick - K0XB - www.k0xb.com
Thank you for the CW QSOs today...on 40, 20 and 15. You are doing an excellent job of picking out calls from the pileups. Hopefully I can catch you on RTTY before you have to leave. Best 73 and have a safe trip home, Rick K0XB
Oct 19, 2004 - walt - DL8JS
many thanks for the dx-pedition,congrates and good luck for the great team
Oct 19, 2004 - Juan M Morey - EA6LP
I was very critic with VP6DI. Later I activated the lighthouse next (5 Km) from my QTH, and I broke a knee and I could be active just half of the planned time¡ So, I learned the lesson well. MANY THANKS FOR ALL YOUR EFFORTS, I enjoyed a lot trying to work you and using all my gear almost at his 100%, this makes us be fit. 73 Juan
Oct 19, 2004 - Craig - WR2G
It was tough from the east coast, but thanks for your perseverance. Safe trip home. 73
Oct 19, 2004 - Takeshi Yoshida - JA3AAW
Thank you so much for your great DX-pedition. I got 30/40/80/160M on Oct-17 in JA time. Wishing you in safety trip back home. 73 de Yosi JA3AAW
Oct 19, 2004 - Hans - OE1UZ
Danke für die excellente operation, konnte euch mit 400 Watt und nur Vertikalantenne im big pileup arbeiten, 73 de Hans aus Wien
Oct 19, 2004 - ERIK NILSSON - SM6EIT
SORRY No rtty-QSO with you perhaps tomorrow 20 october 73
Oct 19, 2004 - Dieter.K. Reibold - DE0DKR
TNX for your acticities, my SWL-reports plus donation for your expenses are on the way to DL5NAM. Have a pleasant stay and good flights bach to DL. 73 Dieter DE0DKR
Oct 19, 2004 - Maike - DL4XS
The first QSL cards come in. Now my job is coming soon ;-)) Best regards Maike
Oct 19, 2004 - Bill Tippett - W4ZV
Sorry the audio web link did not copy. Try this: users.vnet.net/btippett/TX9.wav
Oct 19, 2004 - Bill Tippett - W4ZV
Great Topband opening on 17 October Dieter! Sorry you are having problems with your skipper, generator and weather related QRN. It's too easy for some to complain from their easy chairs but many, many more sincerely appreciate the efforts of your team. If you want to hear how you sounded here on 160 around 1130Z on 17 October, click the web link above (sorry the tone is low but that's how I listen to weak DX on the low bands). Thanks for #313 on Topband! 73, Bill W4ZV
Oct 19, 2004 - Bob - K7ZB
Thanks for the contact this morning on 40cw! You had a fine signal into the Southwestern USA at 1200UTC, 19 October 04. I appreciate your efforts and wish you the best for a safe return home. 73, Bob Tempe, AZ
Oct 19, 2004 - Allan Hickman - G0IAS
Thank you so much for a new one on 17 metres, sorry the 7Q7's could not work you, Safe journey back to Europe. Look to work you on your next ' Holiday'..!!Regards Allan
Oct 19, 2004 - Ron Spencer - N4XD
Please ignore some of the rude comments that have been posted on packet networks. I am sure the ops on the DXpedition are doing their best and I certainly appreciate it. Forme at least for one QSO the op dug deep and stayed with it for several repeats until he got my call correct. Heard them well on Sunday morning east coast time on 160 but not since then. Please thank all operators for their efforts! 73 Ron N4XD
Oct 19, 2004 - Niels - OZ6AGD
Tnx fer a new one nr 286 in 4 years of operating. I am only using 1 element antennas and 100w, so in this downgoing period it is great to work a new. Good trip back and looking foreward the next DXCC from you. 73 de OZ6AGD op Niels.
Oct 19, 2004 - Randrenjason Solofo - 5R8ET
I shall try to copy you from Madagascar island§ Good luck§ Berst 73 de 5R8ET
Oct 19, 2004 - Brian - K3KO
Your guys should be commended in dealing with the problems they have encountered. Anybody that spends their own money to give the ham community a new one is doing the hobby a great service. Ignore the ignorant comments which doen't appreciate your efforts.
Oct 19, 2004 - Chris Wright - VK2UW
Chris, I would like to thankyou and your group for making this DX Pedition available for contacts with TX9
Oct 19, 2004 - georg - DK7LX
Great 10 mtr opening this morning(19Oct)! Tks for QSO. 12 mtr yesterday was a nice surprise, but 10 mtr is against my expectations. UFB! TKS new one on 5 bands! Safe trip back! Vy 73 Georg
Oct 19, 2004 - Georges - F8OP
Nice signal into Europe this morning 19.10 07.00utc on 21 MHz. But what a big pile-up! Thanks for quick QSO and congratulations for this nice Dxpedition. 73 to all the team. Georges F8OP
Oct 19, 2004 - gresset - F8IXZ
Bravo, gd CHESTERFIELD expédition with friendly opérators. One QSO with my station on 20 meters. 73 QRO Jean-Marc Bravo, grande opération sur CHESTERFIELD et en plus avec des opérateurs sympathiques. Un QSO pour moi sur 20 mètres. 73 QRO Jean-Marc
Oct 19, 2004 - Neil Richardson - ZL2UNR
Hi and congratulations on this expedition. Thanks very much and I appreciated the contact.
Oct 19, 2004 - Richard Baker - G0BLB - www.clutton.fsnet.co.uk
Hi All, thank you for a new DXCC please have a safe journey back good luck and best wishes.
Oct 19, 2004 - Bertrand - F5TLN
I cannot have you in phone , but I've got you in CW. Thanks you for the really nice Dxpedition. Waiting the next...... 73 to all the team and a millions of thanks. Syl.
Oct 19, 2004 - Scott - AA5BK
Thanks for the new one - no. 324 - Great operation.
Oct 19, 2004 - Gary Kitchin - W9XYZ
Tnx for the great contact on 10 ssb. Best of luck to you all on your trip. Chance of a lifetime wish I was there. 73's good dx Gary W9XYZ
Oct 19, 2004 - Dave Clark - W8DO - www.nancyanddave.com
Thanks for a new one on 17 meter c.w.!
Oct 19, 2004 - carl h milley - VO1UL
hope to work tx9, for a new one good luck and safe trip back 73 to all ,,,, carl
Oct 18, 2004 - Frank Kisselbach - W7PAQ
Thanks for your efforts and allowing me to work #314!
Oct 18, 2004 - Goetz - DJ3IW
Thanks to the 30m RTTY operator (Chris?). They must have pretty good RX conditions. Copied my 100W signal fed into an 80m dipole! 73, Götz
Oct 18, 2004 - Lenny - K5OVC
Great to work you on 40 meters SSB for a new one. sorry it did not work out for you guys to have a YL on the trip. Good health & DX. Have a safe trip home.
Oct 18, 2004 - Wilf - DJ6TK - www.qsl.net/dj6tk
Hi, many thanks for the 30m QSOs in RTTY and CW. The Signal on 12m CW was great today -18/10/2004. Good luck for the next days and good Trip back to FK. VY 73 to the whole Crew, Wilf - dj6tk -
Oct 18, 2004 - Rich - KY6R
Thanks for very FB dx-pedition and 6 new band / mode slots!
Oct 18, 2004 - Hide - JP1JIP/7 MOBILE
Thanks for picked up my 10w mobile signals on 3bands. Good luck!!
Oct 18, 2004 - Raul - LU6EF
Congrats for such a superb operation! Thanks for a new one !
Oct 18, 2004 - BILL - G3MCS
THANKS FOR ALL FB QSO'S some NEW BANDS hi NOT HEARD Jan DJ8NK on SSB yet hi 73 hope you get back safely 73 de Bill
Oct 18, 2004 - georg - DK7LX
danke für die qso´s soweit! leider habe ich selten so viele mutwillige störungen erlebt wie diesmal, besonders auf 20. einfach unfassbar! klasse aktivierung! viel erfolg noch und gute heimrreise!!! es grüsst dk7lx georg
Oct 18, 2004 - JIM KELLAWAY - G3RTE
Many thanks for the new bands 30 and 17m CW. Please remember that 10102.0 is often very QRM from the RTTY station on 10100.0. I was lucky to get you when it went down in QSB. Others might not be so fortunate. Try using a higher frequency. GL & 73 de G3RTE
Oct 18, 2004 - Virginio - IZ5EKV - www.qsl.net/iz5ekv
Tnx for the NEW-ONE!!!Very nice operation on 30m RTTY! GL and 73 de IZ5EKV.
Oct 18, 2004 - Chuck - WA1IIE
Caught you lonely at 1925 on the 15th on 30m; glad I didn't have to fight the pileup. Tnx for your patience with the QSB! Chuck
Oct 18, 2004 - Allan - VK3PA
mni tnx to all 4 ssb es cw contcts on 80/40/20 es 15 meters a well done job by all op's
Oct 18, 2004 - Jess - W6LEN
Tnx for 10 mtr qso. ( 28029 @ 0222Z ) Gud signal into Southern California. Running barefoot and a vertical. Happy to finally find you. Gud luck and safe return.
Oct 18, 2004 - John Wilder - WA5PFJ
Thanks for the new Country. I worked you on 10-18-04 0104 UTC 28.460. I wish you a safe trip home! 73's
Oct 18, 2004 - Cal - W7IZL
Thanks for the new one on 160. You were a consistent 559 into Billings, MT for nearly 2 hours prior to me being able to make it through. Good luck and DX!
Oct 18, 2004 - MIKE GREENWAY - K4PI
Hang in there on 160 M. Many callers up there yesterday 10 - 12 GMT. Hans, thanks for the 30 M QSO. GL
Oct 18, 2004 - Dave Jorgensen - WD5COV
Thanks for the new ones on 30 and 80 mtrs this morning. Now if I can just snag you on 40 mtrs. Great job as the pile-ups are getting smaller. Lots of happy dxers out there. Keep up the great work and have safe return home. 73 Dave
Oct 18, 2004 - Michael Boudreaux - VK3XZ
Thanks for putting this one on the Air! Great signal on RTTY this weekend(17 Oct 2004). Only porblem is I could not identify the operators name. Otherwise, great operational practices. Cheers and 73's from Downunder
Oct 17, 2004 - Jim - K7RDX
Great to work you on 80 SSB this morning, your sigs very good here in central Wa. State....73 to all the ops of TX9...Jim, K7RDX
Oct 17, 2004 - Lars-Inge - SM5UGC
Thank you for the new on 20/80mSSB 73 Lars-Inge
Oct 17, 2004 - Goetz - DJ3IW
TX9 on 14081 LP RTTY Sunday around 06-07 UTC. What a mess - stations from UA4 land calling and calling juts 100Hz (= 100 cycles) below the TX9 frequency. I copied my call from TX9 but then all firther was drowned by QRM!
Oct 17, 2004 - Helmut - DL7MAE
Forgot to say the time: it was 1518 on 10.103 MHz. About one hor before there was a big pile on RTTY the same band. On the announced RTTY-QRG there was a station, but what baud-rate are the using? Here I copied only hyroglyphes but good S7 signal from the station on 10.124 MHz.
Oct 17, 2004 - Helmut - DL7MAE
Somebody knows, if TX9 on 16th October on 10.103 MHz was real or a pirate? I heard many pirate-comments and he was not always running split...
Oct 17, 2004 - Hardy Landskov - N7RT
You must have noise down there because the rates of some of the ops is very slow. Otherwise good DXPD. What do you have on 160? You are very weak here. n7rt
Oct 17, 2004 - bob - K9IL
good luck & good weather. keep safe. tnx for #352!!
Oct 17, 2004 - Nelson Moyer - KU0A
Well, it's half over and I still haven't worked TX9 on the two bands (30 and 80) or mode (RTTY) that I needed before the operation started. I note that TX9 is on 17 CW at my sunrise this morning, and there is no activity on 30 or 80. The U.S. sunrise stretches across 4 time zones. It's not just about the East Coast. The upper Midwest (IA) is having a rough time on 80 with short openings, so maybe a little attention to the U.S. on 80 is in order. It's impossible to break a JA pileup from here on 30 or 80. Maybe a NA directed call would help us out a bit?
Oct 17, 2004 - dug nam kim - HL1OYF
Oct 17, 2004 - Alan Cronin - EI8EM
Just worked them on 20mtrs.Very good operator. Thanks to all concerned for putting TX9 on the air to give me a new one. 73 alan EI8EM
Oct 17, 2004 - Gerald Schaber - OE2SCM
again another nice expedition I always have a Respect on Operators what makes a DX-PEDITION possible like this, and making a nice job. In this case i say many thanks for 14 and 21 Mc and looking forward for 17 and 12. 73 de OE2SCM
Oct 17, 2004 - Toshiaki Hara - JI1CPN
Today I called you on 6m today again and again, but could not work with you. I hope it'll be big opening on 6m again! GL and have a nice DXpedition!
Oct 17, 2004 - John Haynes - AE6PV
Worked you on 7.004 Sunday 17 October at 08:30Z. You may have gotten my call wrong. 73, and good luck with the DXpedition. john
Oct 17, 2004 - Bill Thomas - VK5VE
Many thanks for SSB contact on 14 MHz on 17 Oct. 2004(Australian Time). Keep up the good work on the DXPED and keeping the amateur spirit alive. 73's.
Oct 17, 2004 - y.uchibori - JH0OXS
Tnx QSO. Chesterfield is new one for me. Hope to see you again any other band. Best regards.
Oct 17, 2004 - DON JORDAN - VA7DJ
Oct 17, 2004 - S. Takahashi - JA3THL
Thank you for the new one on 30m cw. We would like to QSO on 30m RTTY. But TX9 QRVed 10.125MHz. RTTY band plan is 10.140-150 in JA. please listen above 140KHz if TX9 QRV on 30m RTTY.
Oct 17, 2004 - R. BAKER - W0ROB
# 300 TNX TNX TNX !!!! RCB
Oct 17, 2004 - Don Collinson - K2DC
Thanks very much for my #307 on 12M at 22:46 16 Oct 04. 73 and GL - Don, K2DC
Oct 17, 2004 - steve - K6SGH - www.k6sgh.com
nice working tx9. would appreciate qsl info as well as iota info when you work big pileups. otherwise, a pleasure and good luck.
Oct 16, 2004 - Jörg Roller - DF 9 IU
Vy 73 es 55 es gd dx for expedition
Oct 16, 2004 - Noriyuki Nagahama - JM2LEI
Guten Tag, thanks QSO it is new one for me! Where will you go next? auf Wiedersehem!
Oct 16, 2004 - Lee Ju Dong - DS2BGV
Many thanks for Dx-pedition, all the best for the team I am a Need 160.80.RTTY 73/Lee
Oct 16, 2004 - Jim - K4DLI
Many thanks for the new country. Worked you on 80-meters on the 15th. Hello to Hans, DK9KX, Did you bring 'CQ' along?
Oct 16, 2004 - fernand brulotte - VE2ZV
good ops on 80 meters and good signal near Ottawa
Oct 16, 2004 - Osten - SM5DQC
Thanks for 'new one' on 17 and 30 meters!
Oct 16, 2004 - Dave Jorgensen - WD5COV
It seems you guys never stay long enough on a freq to work the pile-up down. On 30,40 and 80m low power stations have no chance. Enjoy the pile-up and stay a while. We are still trying!!
Oct 16, 2004 - Bernd Koch - DF3CB - www.df3cb.com
Thanks very much for a new country on 30m, my 325. country on 10.1 MHz. 10 more to go...
Oct 16, 2004 - ted zulkowski - K2JMY
tnx for a new one on 80 meters my 299 ssb only keep up the good work have a safe trip home 73 ted
Oct 16, 2004 - Rene - DF9GR
Vielen Dank für die DXpedition. vy73 Rene DF9GR (CP6/DF9GR) AGCW-DL
Oct 16, 2004 - Milan - OK1FM - www.ok1fm.com
Dr OMs, thank You for FB DXpedition and unusual CALL! I hope to catch You on 80/160m and on PSK31/SSTV... You will confirm QSO via LotW? 73 and CU Milan, OK1FM
Oct 16, 2004 - Dick Greenbank - ZL2TGQ
Great signal in ZL, great Op, good luck for much success.
Oct 16, 2004 - Peter - VY0PW
Thanks for a new one, ufb sigs on 21mc and very good operator. Prima dass es geklappt hat 73 Peter
Oct 16, 2004 - EA1CS / LUIS - EA1CS
Oct 16, 2004 - Juanjo Herrero - EA1WX - www.ea1eey.arrakis.es
Nice dxpedition. Thanks so much.
Oct 15, 2004 - Rick Ackerman - W8TE
Vunderbar DX-pedition, herrens! Tks fer new one on 80m. Good luck and be safe. 72 Rick W8TE
Oct 15, 2004 - Mark - 9A8A
Hello from Croatia! 73's
Oct 15, 2004 - Kurt - DK5HE
Hello,wish you all a very nice time, best waether,many contacts and a save return at home! 73's Kurt
Oct 15, 2004 - Roger Brown - G3LQP
Pleased to know that you have arrived safely, especially my friend Jan DJ8NK and XYL Klaudia, Hope to work you on the LF Bands
Oct 15, 2004 - Hans Matthes - DK3PZ
73 to the gang...... sri qrt at the time good luck ! Hans
Oct 15, 2004 - Kay - N7KH
Thanks for #344, CW Op was tops on 20 at 0381 15 Oct. Are you going to post contacts made on any website... that would be nice... Also, I second the idea of LoTW, I will be glad to make a contribution in excess of the postage/IRC's if the contacts are on LoTW. 73, Kay, N7KH
Oct 15, 2004 - Dudy - YB0DPO
Great job! worked you on 30m,20m and 15m,do hope to work you on the other bands and mode in the pile up, Wish all of you have a nice and save trip, 73's Dudy YB0DPO
Oct 15, 2004 - JOHN POWELL - ZL1BHQ
Good Luck Team and hope to work you later. Thanks for your efforts in activating Chesterfield
Oct 14, 2004 - Frank Green. - G3GMY
Sure hoping to work you conditions permitting !! 73 's and good hunting.
Oct 14, 2004 - MASARU - JA5AQC
Good luck for your DXpedition and have a safe trip! See You Low Band
Oct 14, 2004 - Dietmar 'Dit' Knorr - DL7OK - www.dl7ok.de
You really did a very great job first day on the air! Beautiful signal on 20 m! Very good operation-technique! Thank you very much!!! Remark: Pse do not use 14195 for europe because the wellknown sicilian is qrm-ing all day long! Thanks on behalf of all european hams! All good wishes, Dietmar, DL7OK
Oct 14, 2004 - Sonia - PY3SN
Good luck and have a save trip. 73's de Sonia
Oct 14, 2004 - Freddy - PY3YD
Good trip and good luck to the Team, see you on the bands.
Oct 14, 2004 - Miguel G. - EA6SX
Good Look Gays, Whish you a nice DXExpedition and a save return home. Really apreciated. 73 MIKE EA6SX
Oct 14, 2004 - Andy - IZ0EHO - www.iz0eho.com
Great website for a great dx'pedition, just worked on 20m wating for you on others bands
Oct 14, 2004 - panos makris - SV1EHP
good luck gays
Oct 14, 2004 - THEO - ON4AEK
Great job.....keep up the good work. CUAGN SN
Oct 14, 2004 - Eric Lauwers - ON4LN
Many thanks for Dx-pedition, all the best for the team.Thanks for the new one on 20m hope to work you on some more bands.
Oct 14, 2004 - larry - N7DF
Oct 14, 2004 - Duncan - ZL3JT
Thanks Chaps. Good luck! I look forward to many band/mode QSOs with you. Hopefully 6m too! vy 73 Duncan ZL3JT
Oct 14, 2004 - Mike Greenway - K4PI
My very best wishes for a great trip. Looking foward to seeing you on 160 M. Hello to my friend DK9KX.
Oct 13, 2004 - ROD - WI8A
Oct 12, 2004 - Wilf - DJ6TK - www.qsl.net/dj6tk
Hi, I hope it will be a good Operation. Vy 73 and good luck, Wilf - dj6tk -
Oct 12, 2004 - jose quiroga valcarce - EA1KW
Many thanks for Dxpedition, all the best for Team, and I hope to hear on the bands.
Oct 12, 2004 - Dennis G. Peterson - KØCKD - www.machlink.com/~k0ckdennis
Good Luck Guys; I wish you well, safe and prosperous stay on the islands/s with a safe trip in and out as well. Hope to work you on 160 meters conditions allowing. Please go to my web site and obtain the top band frequency allocations for all ARRL countries if you haven't already done so. Thanks for the dx-pedition inadvance and good luck Dennis
Oct 12, 2004 - Luis - EA1CS
Tnx for fb Dxpedition, see you on the bands
Oct 11, 2004 - Gerry - VE6LB
Good Luck. Would like to see your logs on LoTW. I know how that might impact contributions but maybe having a PayPal contribution method would be useful. No waisted $$ on postage. Gerry VE6LB
Oct 10, 2004 - Kurt - DK5HE
Wish you a very good time,best waether,many contacts and a safe return at home.73's Kurt
Oct 10, 2004 - Chesterfield Group - LET'S SEE
Hello together, we are still in Tokyo and expect to leave for Noumea this evening .. so if everything works we are more or less in time .... 73s and good luck Dieter, DL3KDV for the group
Oct 7, 2004 - Wolfgang - DK5XO
Have a nice trip to Chesterfield Island and a safe return. Enjoy....... Will be looking for you especially on 10 mtrs - hpe condx will improve. Regards Wolfgang, DK5XO
Oct 7, 2004 - Klaus - DJ6MN
Good luck, save journey, good weather, good band conditions, heap of contacts, patient hams and a lot of fun for everybody. Enjoy the dxpedition... Klaus
Oct 5, 2004 - Andy - OE7AJT - www.qsl.net/oe7ajt
Have a save trip to Chesterfield and back home ! cu on air - Andy - oe7ajt
Oct 4, 2004 - Arlen 'Skip' Young - K6KZM
Good luck, fellows. Hope to work you on 10M SSB.
Oct 1, 2004 - Jan - PC2T
Good heath and good luck to all the EUDXF members and Chris on this tour. Let hope for good Condx Also fiel spass
Sep 27, 2004 - Tom - DJ6YX
Viel Erfolg und viel Spaß ! Hoffe auf gute condx auf den low-bands. 73`s Tom DJ6YX
Sep 23, 2004 - Bob - W2EJG
Will be looking for you for last contact to make Honor Roll. Good luck and Bon Voyage.
Sep 19, 2004 - Hugo - ON7GB
DX freunde, Have a safe trip and enjoy Chesterfield stay! I'm looking in particular for RTTY and/or other digital modes so hope to see you active there. 73, Hugo - ON7GB
Sep 13, 2004 - Martin - SM0DTK
Hello! I wish you good luck on your trip to Chesterfield Island. I hope conditions will be good on 40 meters in our evenings (17-19 Z) 73! / Martin
Sep 8, 2004 - Manuel Alberto C. Marques - CT1BWW/OK8BWW
Dear Friends, Thank you for promoting DX and Preserve Amateur Radio. All the best with Sucessful for you operation. Hope to meet on-the-air. Vielen Danke und Alles Gut 73s Marq
Sep 7, 2004 - Abubaker - 5A1A
I wish to you my Friends all the best for this DX-Pedition and I hope the Condition will cooperate with you.God bless
Sep 6, 2004 - Tom - DL2RUM - www.qsl.net/dl2rum/
Hello, I wish you a lot of fun, mni success and a safe trip. May the conds be with you.
Sep 6, 2004 - JERRY FIORE - N4JF
Sep 5, 2004 - Hans - SM6CVX
Have a safe trip.Hope to work you on 80..... Guess 160 is no way,,,hi Also 30 meters will be a new one for me. Take care
Sep 5, 2004 - Ted Bergstrom - W1IQW
Wir wuenschen Euch viel Glueck mit der Reise, mit dem Wetter und besonders mit der Ausbreitung. Alles Gute! 73, Ted
Sep 1, 2004 - Fred - DF4PL
Für Euren Trip alles Gute und vielen Dank für die Aktivierung. See You on the lowbands. 73s Fred
Sep 1, 2004 - Chris - DL5NAM
Hello, we get many emails with best wishes. Thanks to all. We will do our best to give everybody the new country or missing band points. Still all is on plan, no problems. We will be happy if we find some further help. If you like to donate please contact me. Everbody who donates before the trip will be mentioned on our web site. 73 Chris DL5NAM
Aug 31, 2004 - Bernd - DF3CB - www.df3cb.com
Good luck for your DXpedition and have a safe trip! 73 Bernd