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  The team DJ3WE, Rudolf; DK7YY, Falk; DL6RAI, Ben; and IV3IYH, Roberto applied for the special call sign 9N7BCC; furthermore, participant Roberto, IV3IYH, was using the call sign 9N7CQ. Two radios were used simultaneously, operating on the usual expedition frequencies from 10 through 160 meters.  
  Activities took place between November 16th and December 5th 2004.  
  Outside of the WW DX Contest CW the focus was on the low frequency bands and the WARC bands. There was also activity on RTTY.  

The equipment comprises among others two TS-850 and one K2 transceiver, a vertical for 160 and 80 meters, a log periodic beam for 10 to 10 meters, a vertical for 10 to 40 meters as well as a K9AY-loop for enhanced reception on 160 meters. More than 300 kilograms (660 lbs) of equipment was shipped out of Munich during the beginning of October 2004.

The participants left Europe on November 14th. The expedition was entirely financed by the participants.

The security situation in Nepal were of some concern to the team since problems in obtaining licenses and temporarily importing of the equipment cannot be ruled out.

DK7YY is the QSL manager for 9N7BCC; the QSL manager for 9N7CQ is IK2ILH.

Please read the News Page for the diary of the DXpedition, see some Photos and check also our guestbook.

  BCC ~ The Bavarian Contest Club  
  The BCC consists of more than 200 members. The club is frequently found in top listings in all major international contests. Many of the BCC members are active DXpeditioners. DJ7CY, Sepp Rindfleisch, was a member of the DXCC honor roll. He died two and a half years ago. His son Walter, who is now the president of the Munich based precision tooling and plastic parts company, was the first German entrepreneur to set up a joint venture company for the production of wound components together with a Nepalese partner in the capital Kathmandu some twelve years ago. He is married to a Nepalese lady.  
  The factory is located at the highest spot in the Kathmandu valley. The Location of the DXpedition was on top of this factory which stands six stories high - far higher than anything else in the valley.  
  News and an Online Log Search were provided here during the DXpedition.  
  The Great Circle Map centered around Kathmandu valley can be seen here.